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About Us

Chasing Change is an ethical graphic design studio. We love helping brands and good causes with their visual identity and enhancing the engagement between the public and their brand. Working for companies and organizations that minimize or refrain from having a negative impact on our planet gives us an amazing energy. This gained energy will be put back into action while working, creating a positive spiral. We are constantly chasing a better world, will you join us?

The agency is founded and watered daily by Mittch Maree; a graphic designer, illustrator and realistic idealist. Studied Graphic Design and Illustration in Utrecht (Netherlands), then flew over to Los Angeles to study Entertainment Design. Back home, he founded Chasing Change as a perfect symbiosis of his creative needs and social deeds.

Use our network!
Chasing Change also has an inspiring network of other good-doers with a different set of skills. This way we can try to help with everything the client needs.

Working together
We are always looking to expand our network. Are you interested in working together and believe that we can use your help, then feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from writers, marketeers, photographers, motion picture-makers, (web)developers and why not; maybe one day there will be a project where we can use a philosopher, a (vegan) cook or just a very nice person. Come and join us to help the planet and work for other people who care. There is always time to have a coffee or tea and have a nice chat about work and life.

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