Design-time giveaway winners

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It is time to announce the winner of our design-time giveaway!

Amazing and heartwarming initiatives from all around the world have been nominated but unfortunately we can not help them all. Some of these inspiring nominees were; Gnadenhof MeliefPlantpowerRefuge RidgeViva Las Vega’sDe Regenboog Groep Amsterdam and many more. Please check them out and give them a thumbs up!

We felt that one winner wasn’t enough, so we are giving away design hours for two initiatives! So, the winners of our design-time giveaway are;
Go With The Glow and EvenGeenVlees (from Armanda Utopia)! Congratulations!

Thank you everyone for nominating and of course for making the world around us a nicer place. We can do this!

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