Our blog is up!

  • ChasingChange Blog Is Online

Together with our new website we launch our blog! Here we will share things that inspire us, tips that might help others, our work, and charities we supported.

Helpful tips & tricks
Every time we learn something new or see something that could help a brand or cause we will share this on our blog. We don’t think that keeping helpful information and secret tricks for ourselves will better the world. Find it under the category ‘Tips’

Sharing is Caring
At percentage of our profits will find its own way to make an impact. We will donate it to charities and supporting people in need. Keep an eye out on our blog to see some of the supported projects. If you’d like to suggest a charity, please do so. Every now and then we will also donate some of our time to those in need of our skills. Find these under the category ‘Charity’

Hopefully this blog can be of any help and inspiration to you!

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