Logo design: Even Geen Vlees



One of the winners of our design-giveaway was the new 'Even Geen Vlees'. Within these pro-bono hours we were able to design their logo. 'Even Geen Vlees' is an initiative with the goal to promote a more sustainable diet. By promoting alternatives to meat and getting the message out into the public, Even Geen Vlees hopes [...]

Posters: Greenpeace – Save the Arctic



Greenpeace International changed their goals of the Save the Arctic campaign. Millions of people stood together to fight off the oil-drilling plans in the Arctic, which were luckily cancelled by Shell and Gazprom. But drilling for oil isn't the only problem that comes along with the melting of the ice. The melting makes more space for fishing vessels [...]

Branding: Vegan Awards 2015

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The Dutch Vegan Society (NVV) organized the Vegan Awards 2015. This year they asked us to redesign the visual identity for this event and to design the award itself. Amazing people and companies have won the awards this year! Check out this page for the winners (website in Dutch).

Business card: ViaVia Tourism Academy



Business card design for ViaVia Tourism Academy (Belgium) This excerpt from their website shows why we gladly work for this non-profit: "ViaVia Tourism Academy is an autonomous non-profit center of Expertise and Education in Sustainable Tourism Development, operative on four continents.  The Academy grew out of the socially responsible entrepreneurship approach of the worldwide network of Joker/ViaVia Traveler [...]

Illustrations + App: CarPuzzle



For LittleMakuzu we created the artwork for their kids-app 'CarPuzzle'.  A fun app made for the small ones to learn about cars and simultaneously train their motor skills, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. The great things about the LittleMakuzu-apps are their child-friendliness and absence of ads and click bait. We even implemented a little trick the parent has to do before being able [...]