Restyling: VivaVega LovingHut Express foodtrailer



After buying a new food truck, their old trailer could use a restyling to be more in line with the truck. As an addition the food trailer was planned to have a tree-theme. So we took on this challenge and this is the result. The VivaVega LovingHut Express sells plantbased, mostly organic, delicious food. So [...]

Posters: Greenpeace – Save the Arctic



Greenpeace International changed their goals of the Save the Arctic campaign. Millions of people stood together to fight off the oil-drilling plans in the Arctic, which were luckily cancelled by Shell and Gazprom. But drilling for oil isn't the only problem that comes along with the melting of the ice. The melting makes more space for fishing vessels [...]

Pictograms: Breaking Barriers – Helping refugees


We joined others by creating images that had to overcome language barriers between someone in need and someone trying to support. In order for everyone to be able to grasp what challenges people en route and their helpers face, we received tips and requests from professionals, volunteers as well as activists from around the world. All of the work [...]

Illustrations + App: CarPuzzle



For LittleMakuzu we created the artwork for their kids-app 'CarPuzzle'.  A fun app made for the small ones to learn about cars and simultaneously train their motor skills, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. The great things about the LittleMakuzu-apps are their child-friendliness and absence of ads and click bait. We even implemented a little trick the parent has to do before being able [...]

Concept Art – Selection


Next to our core business we also create concept art. Illustrations created to convey an idea for use in films, video games, animation or other media before it is put into the final product. Shown here is a selection of our work. Concept art in this context should not be confused with 'Conceptual art' . Other definitions are visual development [...]