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Why Ethical (Advertising)?

Ethical work

We love to work for good-doers, non-profits and charities! Because we think the world, with all its inhabitants, products and corporations can evolve. We can take part in that change with our passion and skills and try to speed up this process.

We prefer to work for those that bring something positive into this world and refrain from working for irresponsible companies and brands.

Ethical Advertising - Ethical Work - Chasing Change
Ethical Advertising - Sharing is Caring - Chasing Change

Sharing is Caring

A percentage of our profit will find its own way to make an impact. We will donate it to charities and good causes. Keep an eye out on our blog and Facebook page to see some of the supported projects. Frequently we will also donate some of our time to those in need of our skills.

Sustainability is key

Here we could write about our green energy, recycling, us biking instead of driving or the plant-based lunches we enjoy.

But for the sake of imagination, imagine us working on a paddle-powered biodegradable computer, using pencils that will be replanted to become a tree, wearing self harvested hemp clothing, eating vegetables straight from our aquaponic desks and using paper planes to send you the work we made. Try to top that!

Ethical Advertising - Sustainable is key - Chasing Change
Ethical Advertising - Sharing knowledge - Chasing Change

Sharing knowledge

When we learn or see something that could help a brand or cause we will share this on our blog. This way anyone can cherry-pick some ideas for their brand promotion, or contact us if they need help with this.
We believe that co-creation and sharing helpful tricks will better the world.

Fair charge

All of our clients will be charged in a fair way, of course. If you are a non-profit, charity or see yourself as an ethical business, we might be able to offer you a discount. If you have tight budget because you just started something amazing, feel free to contact us and we will see if we can help you out!

Ethical Advertising - Fair charge - Chasing Change

Fair work, fair price and a fair world. Let’s do this together!